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A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH. In 1966, the Retail Jewelers Organization (RJO) was founded by a small group of independent jewelers who joined together to command better vendor prices by buying collectively. Since then, RJO has grown to include hundreds of members and vendors, essential support programs, premier industry events and marketing services, while remaining owned by its jeweler members. As RJO looks to the future, we invite you to join our effort to create a more brilliant, flawless, future for independent jewelers everywhere.  MORE

RJO Experiences. A truly unique benefit of becoming an RJO Member is the opportunity to attend any or all of the RJO Experiences. These weekends are customized to address the specific needs of the jewelry industry. Our experiences are each targeted to a specific member of your team. Whether you want to develop your team's management skills, provide your next generation jewelers with a glimpse into the profession, or are planning to leave the industry within ten years, we have something for you. Each experience has its own specifically tailored curriculum, speakers, and goal identification. additionally they provide a positive environment to develop key skills, network, address fears and problems, and answer questions. RJO Members will leave each experience with a refreshed outlook, advanced skills and knowledge, and the savvy to tackle new challenges.  MORE

RJO's Mission:  RJO returns a valuable patronage dividend each year, provides the premier buying experience for its members and delivers quality educational opportunities to ensure the future of the jewelry industry.

Maximizing the Impact of Your Dividends

RJO, Inc.

It’s simple! Enjoy money back on all purchases made from our RJO vendors.


The RJO Foundation

The Retail Jewelers Organization (RJO) is excited to announce the creation of the RJO Foundation.  The initial goals of the foundation are to build the foundation endowment and offer scholarships and/or grants for educational opportunities.  Additional roles such as disaster relief and charitable contributions will also be reviewed in the future. 



Looking for a Fine, Independent Retailer Near You?

Buying from an independent retailer offers many luxuries not afforded when buying on-line. From personal customer service, jewelry and watch repairs, appraisals and helpful insight into finding the perfect gift for your loved one, buying from an independent retailer provides the best, quality service you can find. Find an independent retailer near you today.


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© 2017 RJO, Inc. All Rights Reserved. PO Box 1045 | Newton, IA 50208 | T.1.800.247.1774 | F.641.792.9251