RJO Members

What is RJO?

The Retail Jewelers Organization has been serving members for over 50 years.

Our membership consists of hundreds of retail members and vendor members across the nation. RJO was started with the intention of using buying power to negotiate better pricing for goods from vendors. In addition to monetary benefits, RJO has flourished from the knowledge sharing that has gone on between our members across the nation. Since all of our stores are non-competitive, our members are able to ask questions, look for customer requests, and share their best ideas. As our buying group grows, we have made it a priority to continue the legacy of RJO by bringing fantastic educational opportunities to our members through RJO Experiences, Buying Show Seminars, and Overseas Branding Trips. RJO succeeds due to the continual commitment of our members and vendors to making RJO the Premier Jewelers Cooperative. 



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