RJO Members

RJO's Exclusive Custom Platform

We all know the world of custom is booming. In hopes of making your search for custom job quotes easier and more efficient we developed the RJOCustomHatch.com system.  The system allows you to enter all the details of a custom job request in one place and participating RJO vendors can submit bids per your request. The system provides an easy-to-compare request table as well as the opportunity to award the job.

Please take a moment to watch a brief tutorial of how it works:

Logging On

CustomHatch is only available to approved RJO members and vendors.  To ensure security and exclusiveness of the system, RJO has set-up all members with access to the CustomHatch site using the RJO email address provided for RJO communications. Should you have any issues accessing the site, please email rjo@rjomembers.com or call the RJO office at (800) 247-1774.


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