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The RJO Experiences provide unique in-depth learning and networking opportunities exclusively for RJO Members. 

RJO Succession Experience

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If you are considering exiting your business in the next 3 - 10 years, the RJO Succession Experience is a must-attend weekend.  This in-tact learning program is meant for the current business owner as well as the successor, if chosen.  The weekend provides steps for a successful succession, exit planning strategies, business valuation, in-store events and much more.  

See What They Have To Say
"It was good to create a plan, a timetable and take the time to make sure Teresa (my successor) and I are on the same page. We both walked away feeling really positive about our plan." Bob Disinger of Disinger Jewelers, Jasper, IN

"I would tell others to sign up no matter where they may be in their process," says Dustin Basch of Don Basch Jewelers, Macedonia and Medina, OH. "Whether at the beginning of the process or looking to shore things up and complete it, you never know what small bit of information you might get from the speakers' or others' experiences to help your transition move that much smoother."

To learn more about the experience, contact RJO's Public Relations Coordinator, Sabrina Smead at Sabrina@rjomembers.com.


Next Generation Experience
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The Next Gen Experience was developed to create an impactful curriculum of hands-on learning and interactive dialogue to aid the next generation of retail jewelers in preparing for the future of our industry and their business.

The curriculum is revised each year giving attendees a chance to focus on: 

Personal Development Skills

  • Strategic Thinking & Change Management
  • Managing & Communicating Effectively
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Communication Style Assessment Tools

Business Development 

  • Setting Core Values
  • Your Business “WHY”
  • Analyzing Your Business through SWOT Analysis
  • Developing Your Diamond Business
  • Financial Planning for Future Ownership

Next Steps 

  • Idea Exchanges
  • Community Involvement
  • Defining Roles

"This Next Generation Experience was incredible! I got the opportunity to network with so many new people, as well as visit with my old RJO friends. The experience allowed me to no longer feel alone, and realize there are many of us facing the same challenges and posing the same questions." -Kate Dickens, Herteen & Stocker Jewelers, Iowa City, IA

For more information on the Next Generation Experience, contact RJO's Outreach Coordinator, Sabrina Smead (Sabrina@rjomembers.com).  

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