RJO Members

At RJO we provide educational sessions that will renew your love for the jewelry industry. We focus on the latest issues and trending topics on everything from online sales to human resource struggles. During these seminars, you are sure to pick up an idea or two to take back to your own store.

Buzz Sessions give our members the opportunity to connect and share ideas with noncompetitive retailers across the nation. Professionally facilitated by Kate Peterson during each Educational Series, you'll hear from other store owners about common problems and proven solutions and get the answers and ideas that will keep your store ahead of the competition. 

Brain Gain Breakouts are another opportunity for members to learn how your peers work through business and industry challenges, find out what's hot in stores and take some tips to the buying room floor and back to your store.  

Example Educational Session Lineup

  • Tracking the Closing Ratios - Shane Decker, Ex-Sell-Ence Sales Academy
  • What You Need to Know About Your Retirement Sale - Chuck Frey, Charles Frey & Associates
  • Buying and Selling Responsibly in the 21st Century - Sara Yood, JVC Legal
  • Buzz Session: What's in Stock
  • Show Your Customers a Little Love - Mike Buley, Jewelry Ads That Work
  • Making Your Store a Destination - Jon Schallert, Destination Business Expert
  • Buzz Session: Plug Me In - or Not!
  • Social Media: The First Steps - Tiffany Gonzalez, Keep Me Connected
  • Effectively Getting Rid of Aged Inventory - Sherry Smith, The Edge
  • Buzz Session: Community Involvement
  • Sell More Diamonds & Colored Stones - Tanya Nisguretsky, Virtual Diamond Boutique
  • Competing Online - How to Build an Online Presence to Build Sales - Shane O'Neill, Fruchtman Marketing
  • Stand Out in the Crowd - Nick Miller, Podium.com
  • Buzz Session: Fostering Teamwork in the Workplace
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