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RJO vendors are some of the most well-respected and well-known vendors in the jewelry industry today. Reviewing our list of almost 200 vendors, you are sure to find many with whom you already do business. Why not get cash back on what you are already purchasing?

Existing RJO members, wishing to view the discounts and exchange policies of our vendors are invited to login and visit the Vendor Directory.

*Please note, vendors with a # are considered preferred service vendors of RJO and billing is not run through the group.

A&A Jewelry Supply
A&P Afarin Co, Inc.
A.I. Jewels LLC
A.J. Goldfarb, Inc.
A.Jaffe Inc
ARKK Jewelry
AVA Couture
Aarush Diam LLC
Affordable Gems (NY) Corp
Aiya Designs
Aladdin Gold Creations Inc.
Alamea Hawaii LLC
Allison-Kaufman Co.
Alpha LG LLC
American Ring Source
Amipi Inc
Anaya Jewelry
Ancora Designs
Arcticmark Canadian Diamonds / MDL Merchants
Artinian Gems/Clearcut Inc.
Arya's Collection
Authentic Gem Imports, Inc. ("AGI")
AvayGray Designs
B&D Sales, A Stuller Company
Basch Watch Service
Bassali Jewelry
Beneficial Estate Buyers, LLP
Beny Sofer, Inc.
Berco Jewelry Co.
BeringTime US
Bijou Jewelers, Inc.
Blitz Mfg. Co., Inc.
Bogarz, Inc.
Box Brokers Group
Brandmark USA Group, Inc. d/b/a Glock Watches
Breuning, Inc
Brevani/Color Merchants
Bufkor, Inc
Buzz Advertising Agency
Candela div. of iStar Jewelry LLC
Charles Frey & Co.#
Chasin Dreams, LLC d/b/a Chasin'Dreams
Cherie Dori
Chic Pistachiod/b/a Ania Haie, Aurelie Gi, Perri Foia & Excliv
Circa 1901 Paris, Inc d/b/a PARIS 1901
Citizen Watch Company of America, Inc.
Classic Grown Diamonds
Collected Concepts
Commercial Mineral Co
Concept Marketing, Inc.
Connoisseurs Products Corp.
Cynergy Trading Corp
D'Amico Manufacturing Co., Inc.
D. M. Kordansky
DSL Pearl / Vivid Jewels
DV Jewelry Corporation
Darling Imports
Diamantra, Inc
Diamond Emotions
Diamond Expressions, Inc.
Diastar Inc
Don Conkey and Sons Inc.
EDGE by Abbott Jewelry Systems, Inc.
EMD Diamonds
Earstuds USA
Edge Retail Academy
Effy Group LLC
Elemetal Direct#
Emby International INC
Empire Corporation
Equity Diamond Brokers
Essential Lab Grown Diamonds Inc
Everlee by OMD
Everspark Inc. d/b/a EverSpark
Federated Insurance#
Fire and Ice
Fischler Diamonds Inc.
Frank Reubel Designs
Frederic Duclos
GN Diamond LLC
Gage & Gage
Galatea: Jewelry by Artist
Gem Star Independent LLC d/b/a Gem Star
Gem Wave Inc.
GemEx Systems, Inc.
Gemco International Inc.
Gems One Trading LLC
Glik Imports Inc.
Global Jewelry Solutions LLC dba GJS
Grand Design International dba Michou, Inc.
Green Rocks
Guild and Facet LLC
Gunther Mele Packaging, Inc.
HEIG Limited d/b/a Picup Media
HL Manufacturing, Inc.
Hadley Roma
Hallock Coin Jewelry
Hari Jewels
Heavy Stone Rings
Heera Moti Inc.
Horizon Diamonds BV-Belgium
IGC Jewelry and Diamonds
Imagine Bridal
Imperial Pearl
Incon, Inc.
Indian Diamond Imports, Inc.
Ishal Inc.
Italgem Corp.
Izi Creations
JAS Diamonds, Inc
JD & CO A Trung Do Goldsmith/Gem East
Jewel-Craft, Inc.
Jewelers Mutual #
Jewelex NY, LTD. / Zenstar Jewelry LLC
Jewelry Ads That Work
Jewelry Innovations LLC
Jewelry Sales Academy LLC
Jewelry Store Marketers LLC
Jorge Revilla
Jules Borel & Co
Keep Me Connected
Kelly Waters
Kim International Mfg.
Kin & Pebble
LAU International Inc
Lafonn LLC
Lavish Jewelry Cleaner
Leddel Designs
Legend Jewelry
Levy Creations
Livingstone Jewelry
M. Geller LTD
M. Hakimi Jewelry LLC
MDL Diamond Merchants
MK Jewelry, Inc.
MSG Payment Systems#
Mac Time & Jewelry Inc
Made by Man
Majestic Art Jewelry
Malo Creations Inc.
Marathon-Kiddie Kraft/LeStage by Marathon
Marsden Brothers Promotions#
Mayflower Estate Buyers and Consulting, LLC
Mercury Ring (Division Unique Designs)
Metal Marketplace International®
Mid-American Jewelry News & Southern Jewelry News#
Midas Chain
Midwest Closeouts
Midwest Diamond Distributors
Mitchell K. Jewelry
Montage, LLC. #
National Box & Display, Inc.
National Rarities
Nice Diamonds
Niru NY Ltd
Noble Display & Packaging
ODI / Tache
Obaku LLC
Octillion Media, LLC
Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds, Inc.
Optimum Retail Solutions
Oro Alexander Inc.
Oro International
Overnight Mountings, Inc.
Palak Diam Inc#
Pancis Gems
Paragon Couture Group
Paramount Gems
Parle' Jewelry Designs
Podium Corporation, Inc.
Price Point Marketing
Punchmark LLC
Pure Grown Diamonds, Inc.
Quality Gold
RDI Diamonds, Inc
REKO Settings
RJO, Inc
Rembrandt Charms - RQC Ltd.
Rhythm U.S.A., Inc.
Roberto Demeglio
Rolf H. Muller GMBH
Royal Chain Inc.
Ryan Gems Inc
S & I Diamond Drilling Inc
S. Vinodkumar USA, Inc
SDC Creations
SK Diamonds
SMI Diamonds LLC
SS Lab Grown LLC
Salesone LLC (Inox)
Samuel B.
Samuel Spil Company
Sandberg & Sikorski
Sanghavi Diamonds LLC
Sanghavi Solitaire Inc Loose
Seiko Instruments
Seiko Watch of America
Shah Group dba ERTH Diamonds Division
Shah Luxury & Paradygm NXT LLC
Sheetal Group USA Inc - Loose Division
Sheetal Jewels USA, Inc - Jewelry Division
Shefi Diamonds, Inc.
Shivani Gems Inc.
Singer Estate Collection, LLC
Smiling Rocks Inc.
Sopraffino Jewelry Inc.
Standout Design Inc
Stanton Color
Star Gems, Inc. (Atlanta)
Star Solitaire Inc.
Sterling Reputation, Inc.
Steven Royce Designs
Stuller, Inc.
Synchrony #
TR Jewelry Concepts
Teva Diamonds
Text Me Chat
Tokio Marine HCC Specialty dba JewelerPromotion.com #
TracTech Systems, Inc.
Unison Jewelry
United Color Gems
United Innovations, Inc., d/b/a Signature Engraving Systems
United Precious Metals#
Universal Watch Repair
VRB Internet Solutions/Repair.Jewelry
Val Casting, Inc.
Variety Gem Inc
Varsha & Fireworks Diamonds
Victor Corporation
YCH, Inc.
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