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Electronic Data Invoicing (EDI)

Paper invoices can be a thing of the past if you join RJO. Electronic Data Invoicing is the most streamlined way to submit your RJO invoices because it is all digital and allows for submission of invoices right up to the monthly deadline. Our staff is more than happy to assist you in setting up this system ensuring you are using the easiest way to invoice your RJO retailers. When vendors participate in our EDI invoicing, they have the option to receive their RJO monthly payment via ACH which means you get your money faster. RJO is committed to staying as up to date as possible with technology advances in the industry, and this is just one more way to show our vendors how much we appreciate them.

Some advantages of using EDI:

  • No more mailing invoices/credits to RJO. No more mailing paper invoices and credits to the RJO office for processing, saving your company hundreds in postage dollars. Everything is done via email & the RJO website. *Note: While RJO can accept the electronic invoices, RJO members must still receive a paper copy of all invoices and credits in their store.
  • No more worries about missing invoices. You won’t have to worry about invoices getting lost in the mail. You simply submit a file daily or weekly (your preference) and the RJO computer system posts everything automatically.
  • Cutoff. With EDI, we take all of your invoices right up until the monthly cutoff. This ensures you get the most current invoices posted and paid for each month.
  • Receive your payment faster. As a participating EDI vendor, you will have the option to receive your funds via ACH payment, allowing you to get your money faster.

For specific format information, please see the Format for EDI information sheet.

For additional information on the EDI program, please contact the Financial Manager at RJO, Connie Miller at (800) 247-1774 or via email at connie@rjomembers.com

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