RJO Members

RJO Exclusive is a Facebook group that gets traffic from our members every single day. Here our members post items they are looking for, questions about the group and vendors, and socialize with their favorite retail and vendor member friends. Any RJO vendor is encouraged to join this page as it is a fantastic way to keep a pulse on what is going on daily in our RJO stores. 

Some of our favorite posts include new vendors who are introducing themselves to the group. It's a great way to post some images of your product, give our members a contact person, and let them know you are ready to serve them in any way they need. Also vendors are encouraged to respond to inquires like the one pictured at top. If you are able to provide our members what they are looking for they will not need to go anywhere else, and they will make sure to buy RJO First.

If you are already an RJO Vendor Member make sure to request to join the group here

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