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RJO Vendors are allowed to include one Statement Stuffer in the RJO retailer's monthly statements at no charge, one time per year. Other opportunities are also available. The Statement Stuffer policy is listed below. Please note there are a limited number of stuffers available each month so contact the office early to confirm your month:

  • Vendors are allowed to send one statement stuffer a year at no charge.
  • Any additional stuffers will incur a $100 fee to help offset postage and staff time. 
  • Stuffers can be no larger than 8 X 11 single page.  
  • The maximum weight of paper is 28# cardstock.
  • Send a request and sample of the stuffer to Jodi Flaherty for approval.   jodi@rjomembers.com
  • 1000 copies of the stuffer must be received in the RJO office by the 19th of the month you wish it to be sent. 
  • The month before a show is considered a show stuffer and will incur a $500 charge as sponsorship. These months are typically June and December.  Vendor must register for the show and select this sponsorship on the registration form.  A limit of five (5) vendors will be permitted to submit stuffers.
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