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On behalf of RJO's Merchandise Review Committee, thank you for your interest in joining the Retail Jewelers Organization. I am here to help you navigate the Prospective Vendor application process. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the info on this page. The application process does take a few months, but this is so we can carefully vet our vendor partners to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership is achieved. Please take a minute to read through the information below. When you are ready to apply for vendor membership, simply complete the vendor profile below and you’ll be on your way to joining the premier buying group in the jewelry industry.




Sabrina Smead
RJO Outreach Coordinator






Standards of Excellence:

RJO is committed to only partnering with the best vendors in the industry and establishing lifelong mutually beneficial partnerships. In full-transparency of our expectations we are sharing our non-negotiable commitments to a successful partnership.

  • Commitment to quality products, consistent communication, and outstanding customer service

  • Commitment to ensuring RJO Retailers receive the best discounts in the industry

  • Commitment to accurate and on-time invoicing

  • Commitment to show attendance at our two shows each year, typically occurring at the end of January and the end of July

  • Commitment to group success



What you can expect from us...

At RJO, we recognize the important role our vendor partners hold in our organization. That is why we treat you as family. In exchange for your commitment to our organization, you will receive the following benefits from RJO.

  • A complete onboarding process to ensure you start your membership off on the right foot

  • Mutually beneficial partnership

  • Guaranteed payment every month, every time

  • Access to over 1,100 of the industry's best independent retailers

  • Two buying show opportunities each year

  • Free opportunities for you to promote your products

  • Access to the RJO online community

  • Exclusive RJO platforms to help you reach more RJO retailers and maximize your RJO experience

  • Trust. Fairness. Support.



Financial Commitment

As an RJO vendor partner, you can expect the following expenses.

  • There is a $250 Prospective Vendor Application Fee, payable via credit card, upon the submission of your Prospective Vendor Profile.

  • One-time $5,000 Early Vendor Departure Fee, due upon signing your partnership agreement. This fee is returned to you following a three-year commitment to the organization. 

  • One-time $3,500 membership fee, due upon signing your partnership agreement.

  • Yearly vendor dues, based on the volume you sell through the group.

  • Easy, non-negotiable commissions:

    • Naturally-mined loose diamonds are subject to a 4.5% commission to the group.

    • All other product categories, including lab-grown loose and service providers, provide a 6% commission to the group.

    • RJO Commissions are considered operating expenses and are not an additional discount to the membership.

    • A large portion of these commissions are given back to the RJO retailers at the end of each year in the form of a dividend from yearly purchases.

  • Show expenses, including your booth, furnishings, and any additional sponsorships you select to promote your company.



Tips for Application

  • Applications should be submitted by a company owner, principal, or officer. Applications should NOT be submitted by an individual sales representative.

  • If approved for an in-person interview the owner, principal, or officer MUST be available for the interview.

  • Check your current agreements with other industry buying groups, to ensure you are able to make an offer that will meet or exceed any existing offers to any other business or buying group.



Steps for Application

  • Complete the electronic Prospective Vendor Application. Applications should be submitted by a company owner, principal or officer. Applications should NOT´╗┐ be submitted by an individual sales representative.

  • When completing your application please include:

    • A username or password is required to access the inventory on your website, please be sure to include this information on your electronic application.

    • Your product profile. This profile should contain photos and information about your top 10 best-selling products and/or services and include a pricing list. This profile should provide a snapshot of your company and will be used in the initial review by our team. Please do your best to submit all the information in the product profile in one document.

    • Any letters of recommendation. RJO strongly encourages prospective vendors to request letters of recommendation on your behalf from current RJO retailers. These letters can be submitted electronically or mailed to the RJO office directly from retailers, or you can submit them with your application. Please note, RJO does not provide our current retailer list to non-members. We recommend reaching out to your customer base to see if any of your current partnerships are willing to write a letter on your behalf. This piece of the application is recommended, but not required.

    • $250 Application Fee.  Beginning November 1st, 2023, RJO requires a non-refundable, $250 administrative application fee to help cover the costs associated with processing applications and managing administrative tasks.



Next Steps

  • Your application will be reviewed at one of the quarterly Merchandise Review Committee meetings.

  • If your company is selected to continue the application process, you will be invited to attend an in-person interview occurring before each RJO Buying Show event, typically the end of January and end of July.

  • The purpose of this meeting is to introduce your company, share your product (should be LIVE product with TAGS), and ultimately negotiate and sign a partnership agreement. Please note- an interview is not a guarantee of a potential partnership.

  • If the agreement is offered and signed, you will begin the New Vendor Onboarding process which will take 3-6 weeks, and will include:

  • An introduction to your RJO account specialist and the RJO team

  • Ensuring your billing and invoicing is compatible with our system

  • A formal introduction to our membership

  • You are able to begin selling through the group!



Timeline for Review

Profile & application requirements turned in by: Notification of selection status: Potential interview would be: Your first RJO Show:
April 1, 2024 May 10, 2024 St. Louis, MO
Summer 2024
Phoenix, AZ
Winter 2025
July 1, 2024 August 20, 2024 Phoenix, AZ
Winter 2025
Schaumburg, IL
Summer 2025
October 1, 2024 November 15, 2024 Phoenix, AZ
Winter 2025
Schaumburg, IL
Summer 2025
January 15, 2025 February 28, 2025 Schaumburg, IL
Summer 2025
Phoenix, AZ
Winter 2026
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